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Scottish oak flooring

Scottish Hardwood Flooring

Our flooring is as attractive and as sustainable as we can possibly make it. We source the logs in Central Scotland, and then mill them, kiln dry the boards, manufacture the flooring then lay it and finish it. By controlling the whole process, we can create a unique floor for you.

We use local timber to minimise the energy and carbon emissions from transport, and because of the unique colour and character of Scottish Hardwood. Why would anyone want to import hardwood flooring when we have such a resource on our own doorstep? We use the types of wood which are available locally, Beech, Elm, Sycamore, Ash and Oak. Choosing the species to use is mainly down to the look you want to create, as all are hard wearing. And, if you want something really striking, we can incorporate features or random patterns in different species.


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