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Rippled silver birch

Falkirk Wood

Falkirk Wood is an environmentally friendly business established in 2002 in the central belt of Scotland to process and sell timber from local sources. We only use local timber which has been felled in accordance with Forestry Commission or local authority regulations - so it either comes from woods which are sustainably managed for timber production, or the trees have been felled for building work or because they were dangerous. We focus on local timber, because that reduces transport, encourages the sustainable management of local woodlands - and because we love the look and feel of it!

Scottish timber is a natural product and every board is different with its own fascinating grain, character and colour. We generally hold stocks of oak, elm, sycamore, ash, beech and lime, and at times also have yew, cherry and other species. Air dried, kiln dried and green material is available as well as craft and turnery wood. We have a well-equipped workshop, and can dimension timber to order. 

We also offer a full Joinery Manufacturing service, just follow the links above.